Monday Motivations
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Monday Motivation – 04th of July 2016

“My advice is, never do to-morrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!” – Charles Dickens

I am so excited to introduce you today to this new page, my “Monday Motivations”, which will hopefully succeed in showing you life and routine from a different point of view. I’ll try to emphasise all the beautiful aspects of life, the do’s and don’ts for a happy living as well as to tell you some of my stories, in hopes of inspiring you and making your heart a little lighter. To start off, I’d like to present you one of my favourite English writers, Charles Dickens.

I just adore this phrase; it is so true and yet so difficult to apply in a day-to-day basis. Now that I finished my first year of university, succeeded, and that I have two and half more free months ahead (how beautiful is that ?!), I have been willing to work much more for the blog than before, as well as finally doing all those things I’ve been putting aside for the last few months. However, my progress encountered one of the strongest impediments: lack of motivation.

I know that may sound odd, even more when coming from me; I’ve always been so motivated, joyful, like a real dynamo, and this sudden and awful feeling of laziness is, first of all, not understandable and secondly, totally implausible. Indeed, I strongly believe that this blog is one of the best things that have happened to me lately, and I am simply thrilled to have had the courage and nerve to start this beautiful adventure. Thus, that feeling leaves me a little shaken and a little astonished. I would love to put all those things behind me, to have many articles and recipes already written, created and ready to be published, but nothing seems to be working the way I want it to work.


Anyway, writing this very first “MM” on that subject really mattered to me, for several reasons. First, you should not think that you’re the only one feeling a little down sometimes, or not motivated at all to do something that you hold dear. We’ve all got doubts, lack of energy or just “down feelings” sometimes, feelings that we do not understand but that are here anyway; the key is simply to let go of them, to power up and to comprehend that life may be short, which means that we all must do what’s important to us right after thinking about it!

Secondly, I wanted to show what’s really behind the screen, the pictures, recipes and merry stories that we all (bloggers) might share with others. I do feel unsure, not motivated, and do sometimes procrastinate as well; however, and what’s more important, I always find a way to gather all my energy and make some kind of internal psychological evaluation. That leads to my third points, which shows all the ways available for stopping putting things aside just because we do not feel like doing them right away.

Whether it is by doing a month grid, with all your daily activities, articles to write, things to do, people to meet, creating “to do” lists (which help seeing what’s left to be done and work quite well for strengthening up one’s mood) or taking some “me time” to reconnect with oneself, there are so many ways to get some motivation again, to power up and get things finally done. But one single thing seems to be working perfectly: aligning oneself with the reasons that pushes you to do it and spend time for it; whether it is for an event, a project or a blog, anything that requires someone’s full attention and strength, writing down all the reasons for one to do it enables to see the aim of one’s project, its finality, its usefulness but most importantly, its effect on one’s state and happiness level.

The morality of this first MM ? Do not let yourself put down by worthless and meaningless feelings such as a lack of motivation; it does not mean anything about the rectitude or goodness of your project and if you’re just saying “well, I’ll have time to do that later”, well, I am sorry to reveal it to you, but we simply never know if we will have some more time. So my advice, “DO IT NOW”, enjoy what life has to offer to the fullest, never give up, do not delay things that can be down right away, never forget that we’re never best served by ourselves & “be the change you wish to see in this world”!

PS: Oh wow, you cannot even imagine how good it feels writing that down; I’ve just made a little introspection and some kind of self-empowerment act…and that makes me feel light and amazing! If you’re feeling like this, definitely trying, it’s worth the time!

PS2: The bumblebee that may be seen on the picture perfectly embody today’s lesson: no matter what, and even though it feels a little lazy sometimes (I am sure it does haha!), it keeps on doing its beautiful & tough work, buzzing from one flower to the other, shaping the nature we humans take pleasure from. I guess we should all learn something from this cute little yellow animal!

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