Monday Motivations
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Monday Motivation – 19th of September

« Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. » – Maya Angelou 

I’ve been trying to read a little more for a couple of days. Creating recipes, writing articles, studying, practicing yoga and socializing do not leave that much space for another creative activity like reading. However, I know that I need that “literary brain food”, that sparkle of inspiration, these meaningful lines that usually make me fly away. Not only does it inspire me to bring a few changes now and then in my routine, but it really opens my mind and spirit to new ideas, discoveries and thoughts. Anyway, in one of my desperate attempts to take time and read a few lines, I came across Maya Angelou’s work and a few of her famous lines. Two of them really struck me; and this is one of them…
If we think about it, it is quite hard for someone to admit something is wrong, and it’s not as if one does not have the opportunity to do it! When meeting with someone, what now seems to be deeply rooted in our western traditions is to ask whether if someone is fine. I guess we can all relate to that “how are you doing?” that actually was an opportunity for us to acknowledge our pain, one we did not take. But, what I find quite saddening about it is that not many people genuinely care about your inner state; it just comes as compulsory for people to ask, just as it is for someone to answer, “yes, I am fine”. And how hypocrite is this?! This is the first step to more happiness in this world I believe: being compassionate and caring about someone’s answer on the one hand, and accepting that having down moments in our life is totally normal on the other hand. Once this has started, it will be much easier to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.


Furthermore, everyone’s suffering from something, whether this is physical or mental, hidden or not. One does not necessarily have to dig into someone’s mind to find out what’s wrong; it could be more useful to let the person know, through our words and actions, that we are here if needed. If that does not work, well these people might be waiting for others to ask the precise question, simply because it seems quite rude to monopolise the discussion with their own problems…

What I find important here and what could really make a difference is for one to give a nice feeling off, to put someone at ease so that she will be more prone to reveal how she feels inside. If it does not happen, simply ask, and any “normal” (I don’t like that word…) person would answer. And then? Be a good listener and be compassionate, for it will do everybody good! And act; be reassuring, wise, pleasant, smiley, a little jokey maybe and simply nice. This is not too hard to do and will just make wonders; once you trigger the change, it will be too hard to go back.

And these are the situation were you know the person who feels bad. What if it is a complete stranger? Well there should be no reason not to be as nice. Seeing someone giving a hand, saying nice things, helping a mother who travels alone with her child (very inspiring, thank you Candice!), or simply smiling to complete strangers is not very likely to happen I believe, especially nowadays, since the “individualism’s theories” have gone viral… And I could not explain this; but what I could say instead, it is that it leaves our societies rotten with anger, sadness, depression and all those bad feelings we know are destroying our health and eagerness to live! What do we have to do? Do all the things mentioned further up in the paragraph, and if you could find even best ways to bring a little more happiness in this world, well do not hesitate! You’ll feel much better already, as well as lighter and brighter; and that glow, people will see it on your face!

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